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A professional optometrist pointed out that the choice of

Very hot summer, wearing a pair of glasses both sunscreen and gorgeous. Many people will choose to purchase a pair of Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses
sunglasses. Professionals in order to remind, if the purchase of inexpensive cheap sunglasses, will result in damage to the eyes.
Bbq mode, wearing a pair of glasses is a unique Cheap Ray Bans UK
natural beauty from the street scenery. Into the summer time, high temperatures continued to drive sunlight glasses. In the optical store, a wide range of styles of sunglasses, the cost from 100 yuan to several thousand dollars of products tend to be.
Gongxiansheng citizens: "I feel clear, Cheap Ray Ban Glasses
very. Now it is really fashionable these green movie, color film, is really showcase ah. "
Miss Zhou: "people will consider selecting a bar, there are many styles, and the ones colors are more special. inch
The reason why people like to put on sunglasses, the public believes it not only has the role associated with UV protection, but also have to put on a model. In particular, the best thing about the lady, there Cheap Ray Ban Glasses
are many different styles of glasses.
Citizen Liu Xiaojie: "I will be two ah, as they are not the same style, ah, young ladies love beautiful, wearing glasses feel cool. "
The general public Miss Zhou: "they will certainly choose a trendsetter, go back price is higher, so the sunlight outside now, just include the sun, is also very required. "
Mr. Gong: "strong light, ultraviolet radiation, especially in the sea, ah, the beach ah, we must wear sunglasses ah. "
A professional optometrist pointed out that the choice of a good pair of glasses in addition to pay attention to sunscreen functionality, but also pay attention to comfort.
Expert optometrist Chen Hongyu: "in fact, the first important thing is actually functional and comfort, 2nd is the style, must be comfortable to wear a long time, we wear glasses go swimming, hiking, camping or even hiking outside, are fairly long time, that if you are a set of glasses is not appropriate, leading to us here there will be the mark, there will be no scratches, and even played the part of protection. "
Due to the good Ray Bans UK
and bad sunglasses on the market, the general public to buy a regular store, if you want to buy cheap inferior products, not only do not have sunscreen features, as well as wear glasses will be used for a long time.
Professional optometrist Chen Hongyu: "each pair of normal sunglasses have a regular label, marked above, anti UVA or anti UVB, many people do Ray Ban South Africa
not understand, in the street to pick, state my Replica Ray Bans
sunglasses 10 bucks can buy ah, dozens of prevents are also available, but it is just a color the film, the actual film itself light price do not pass it, it just dye it, not really play the role of uv.

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